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Drinking is a prime risk factor

Detailed data that police stopped making available Jan. 1 indicate that alcohol consumption, much of it by underage drinkers, played a significant role in campus crime over the past 10 years.

Half of reported violent crime in the campus district involved non-student victims. However, for the half that involved students, data indicate that victims had been drinking in 52.2 percent of sex crimes and 36.2 percent of assaults. Among the victims in those cases, 69.5 percent of drinking sex-crime victims and 42.5 percent of drinking assault victims were underage.

Fully 57.5 percent of all crimes occurred two hours either side of bar-closing time, which statistically correlated with times of assaults at a confidence level in excess of 95 percent. Analysis also revealed correlations between drinking and sex crimes, which tended to involve younger victims — 18-to-20-year-old females, 75.0 percent of whom were likely to be acquainted with their assailants.

Race's role in campus crime has been controversial.

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