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  • U of I crimes concentrated near Campustown, apartments
  • New system appears to underreport crime
  • Crime is actually much lower than five years ago
  • Illinois crime among highest on similar campuses

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  • Campus intentionally issued more crime alerts in 2010
  • Students, officials concerned about alerts
  • New security spending was a marketing move
  • Test your knowledge of crime and what motivates alerts

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  • Drinking involved in nearly half of assaults in past 10 years
  • More than half of intoxicated student victims were underage
  • Younger females at greater risk for sex crimes
  • Query full database of 10 years of crime data

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  • Four students relive the horrors of being attacked near campus
  • Police reject label of 'polar bear hunting'
  • Still, 51 beatings last year linked to community youths
  • Underage drinkers need not fear reporting attacks

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  • Are area police racially profiling African American males?
  • Hidden camera finds reactions to race
  • Police increase enforcement at African American events
  • Students, faculty explain impact on minorities

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